10:54 Sky TV shares are down 14 percent as the Commerce Commission rejects a merger with Vodafone.

10:54 The last of sixteen peace activits charged with various offences after protesting at a weapons conference, has had her charges dismissed.

10:34 The prospect of life beyond our planet has become more exciting ... with the discovery of seven new planets.

10:33 The historic Kingston Flyer train has been sold.

10:31 Fonterra has confirmed its forecast farmgate milk price payout of six dollars per kilogram of milk solids.

Tue, 20 Dec 2016

Watch the best news bloopers of 2016

The video compilation that marks the end of the television year, the Dan News Christmas blooper reel, has hit the internet on Tuesday morning.

Made up of news bloopers from here at Newshub and news broadcasts from around the world, the annual project has previously been a massive viral hit with millions of views. It's featured on websites such as the BBC, The Daily Mail and Perez Hilton.

It's the passion project of news geek Dan News, or Dan Lake as he's known by day. He's a Newshub freelancer as well as running his own dannews.co.nz website on the side.

Lake chose to partner with Newshub this year to launch his compilation, in return for access to the magical blooper archives at TV3.

Lake says he's been collecting news bloopers and New Zealand-television related content for as long as he can remember. He launched his website in 2005 as a way of expressing his passion for the industry.

"I never expected anyone to know about what I was doing. It was just for me, just for fun," he said.

"Over time I've spent a lot of time on it, I've never made a cent, it's about providing a laugh for the audience."

An extended version of the video will launch later in the day on Dan News' website.




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