12:18 Manufacturers will have to be more careful about labeling their products as 'New Zealand made' following a High Court ruling.

12:16 An investigation's underway into how the owners of a Taranaki station passed a good character test, despite a serious conviction overseas.

11:55 The Taupo toddler and the carers who beat him to death were not known by Child, Youth, and Family.

11:54 Despite extensive police inquiries two Wairarapa siblings missing since Sunday night have still not been found.

11:28 Kiwi Regional Airlines is ditching its plans to fly into Christchurch from later this month.

Fri, 10 Feb 2012

Valerie Adams wins 2011 Sportswoman of the Year at the Halbergs

Rachel Smalley speaks with Valerie Adams, who again won the Sportswoman of the Year at the Halbergs last night. February 10th, 2012

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