14:05 The 20 year old man, blamed for a stabbing frenzy at a Japanese centre for the disabled, allegedly attacked residents while they slept.

12:56 Tighter regulations around the treatment of bobby calves have now been officially confirmed by cabinet

12:55 A 53-year-old woman's appeared in Auckland District Court, facing fraud charges against Auckland International Airport.

12:48 Three in four Kiwis are on the hunt for a new job as they re-assess their lives and careers.

11:32 Plans to allow evacuated residents back into their homes in southern California have been cancelled as a wildfire rages out-of-control.

Tue, 07 Feb 2012

VIDEO: Sonny Bill Williams and Clarence Tillman III punch-up

It was as if somebody mistook the term "weigh-in" this afternoon as a brief punch-up between Sonny Bill Williams and Clarence Tillman III broke out. Both men were there to weigh in ahead of tomorrow's New Zealand Professional Boxing Association title fight when suddenly the fireworks ignited. Tillman pushed Williams before throwing him a right hook. Just moments before, Williams allowed a slight grin to fall across his face. Sonny Bill Williams weighed in at 107.9kg, while Tillman tipped the scales at 128.4kg.

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