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20:36 Winter has made its way to the skifields of Cardrona a little early this year, with snow in the South Island, a month out from winter.

20:36 Hundreds of shop keepers turned up to a rally in South Auckland today, calling on the government to take urgent action to keep them safe.

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Fri, 17 Feb 2017

VIDEO: Outrage as pregnant American teenager tasered by Police

Disturbing footage has emerged of the moment a pregnant 17-year-old girl was tasered by police officers.

In the video, 14-weeks-pregnant Dailene Rosario is seen resisting arrest and is heard screaming "Why is he pinching me?" before being shot with a taser.

Police arrived at her apartment building in relation to reports of an asthma attack, when they noticed a fight between Ms Rosario's boyfriend and her sister's boyfriend, who were allegedly arguing over a video game.

They had also heard reports that she and her sister had been fighting as well, though Ms Rosario denied the claims in an interview with the Daily News.

Police soon called for back-up, and 10 additional officers arrived - but when they knocked on Ms Rosario's door, she asked to see a warrant, which they were unable to provide.

Ms Rosario says it was at that point when she was grabbed and dragged into the hallway outside her home, though officers' account of the event suggests she pushed an officer upon opening her door.

Regardless, the video appears to prove that Ms Rosario was of no threat to the officers, and use of the taser appears unjustified.

The NYPD Patrol Guide advises that tasers should not be used on "obviously pregnant females" - though witness Danielle Lopez told the Daily News that as a woman nearly four months' pregnant, "she has a belly".

"You can tell. I was disgusted," she said.

Ms Rosario claims she and her sister both told police repeatedly that she was pregnant before she was tasered.

The video has gained plenty of attention online, with a number of social media users shocked by the officers' conduct.

The New York Police Department is now conducting an internal review into the incident.

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