11:11 A man who was allegedly attacked by another man wielding a machete is recovering in Dunedin Hospital.

10:54 Sky TV shares are down 14 percent as the Commerce Commission rejects a merger with Vodafone.

10:54 The last of sixteen peace activits charged with various offences after protesting at a weapons conference, has had her charges dismissed.

10:34 The prospect of life beyond our planet has become more exciting ... with the discovery of seven new planets.

10:33 The historic Kingston Flyer train has been sold.

Tue, 10 Jan 2017

VIDEO: Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson's 'hot-list', Tuesday 10th January 2017

Need to know what the big news of today is? Then check out this video - it's Mike and Trudi's 'hot-list' for Tuesday.

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