13:38 Hundreds of clients of WINZ have been trespassed for abuse around the country since the Ashburton shootings a year ago today.

12:57 Christchurch's iconic Catholic Basilica can now push ahead with its $45 million plan to restore the church.

12:57 New statistics show property values throughout the country are rising at the fastest rate in eight years.

12:51 The Flag Consideration Panel's unveiled the new shortlist, with three featuring the fern, and one with a simple koru.

12:48 Lewis Road Creamery is launching two new versions of its hugely popular flavoured milk.

Wed, 17 Apr 2013

VIDEO: Maurice Williamson's hilarious speech on marriage equality

Maurice Williamson makes a hilarious speech as the marriage amendment bill received its third and final reading and passed in to law. New Zealand has become the first country in the Asia-Pacific to legalise same-sex marriage.

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