17:23 North Korea has deployed aircraft and submarines as parts of drills simulating an attack on "enemy warships" .

16:54 Winston Peters is defending comments made after launching a scathing attack on two journalists of Asian descent about an immigration article.

16:53 The stadium-sized pressure balloon launched by NASA in Wanaka has begun collecting data. It is undertaking a 100-day journey.

16:34 47 year old policeman, Benjamin Peter McLean has been charged with the murder of a woman and attempted murder of a man in Invercargill.

15:53 Valerie Adams is now officially a Dame. The 32-year-old Olympian's investiture ceremony was held at Government House today.

Tue, 21 Mar 2017

VIDEO: Disobedient teaching - are schools too pre-occupied with routine?

Duncan Garner talks with AUT Professor Welby Ings, author of new book 'Disobedient Teaching', on the behaviour of kids at school. Is routine so in place at schools in NZ that kids are being taught to be too obedient?

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