04:43 A Russian naval intelligence ship has sunk off Turkey's Black Sea coast after colliding with a vessel carrying livestock.

04:42 US President Donald Trump has backed down from his threat to terminate the NAFTA trade pact after appeals from the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

04:41 Sources say jets believed to be Russian or from the Syrian government regime have struck two hospitals in rebel-held Idlib province.

04:15 A French tourist will struggle to forget the Catlins after she was bitten by a shark. The woman, in her 20s, was attacked at Curio Bay.

04:12 There has been a big explosion near the international airport in the Syrian capital, Damascus, followed by a large fire.

Fri, 07 Oct 2016

VIDEO: Dancing, singing & fishnet stockings: Mark Sainsbury's new role

He's a respected journalist and host of Morning Talk here on RadioLIVE, but that's not enough! Story's Amanda Gillies reveals an all new 'Sainso', who was convinced by friend, Richard O'Brien, to make his stage debut in the role of the stocking-clad 'Criminologist' in Hamilton's Rocky Horror Picture Show, now showing all month.

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