06:12 Some Adele fans are seething after being unable to make the show due to Jetstar cancelling a flight between New Plymouth and Auckland.

05:24 New Zealander Rory Grice, playing rugby for a French club is still in custody over rape allegations.

04:52 In Belgium authorities have raised security in Antwerp after a car drove at high speed through a busy street, forcing pedestrians to jump to safety

04:51 Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the London terror incident, calling the attacker one of its soldiers.

21:51 Seven people have been arrested following the raids by heavily armed police across London overnight following the Westminster terror attack.

Fri, 07 Oct 2016

VIDEO: Dancing, singing & fishnet stockings: Mark Sainsbury's new role

He's a respected journalist and host of Morning Talk here on RadioLIVE, but that's not enough! Story's Amanda Gillies reveals an all new 'Sainso', who was convinced by friend, Richard O'Brien, to make his stage debut in the role of the stocking-clad 'Criminologist' in Hamilton's Rocky Horror Picture Show, now showing all month.

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