11:12 A bus which collided with a car and drove over a bank between Christchurch and Akaroa is being recovered about now.

11:11 A man who was allegedly attacked by another man wielding a machete is recovering in Dunedin Hospital.

10:54 Sky TV shares are down 14 percent as the Commerce Commission rejects a merger with Vodafone.

10:54 The last of sixteen peace activits charged with various offences after protesting at a weapons conference, has had her charges dismissed.

10:34 The prospect of life beyond our planet has become more exciting ... with the discovery of seven new planets.

Fri, 07 Oct 2016

VIDEO: Dancing, singing & fishnet stockings: Mark Sainsbury's new role

He's a respected journalist and host of Morning Talk here on RadioLIVE, but that's not enough! Story's Amanda Gillies reveals an all new 'Sainso', who was convinced by friend, Richard O'Brien, to make his stage debut in the role of the stocking-clad 'Criminologist' in Hamilton's Rocky Horror Picture Show, now showing all month.

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