12:34 The BNZ made a half year net profit that is only slightly up on the same period a year ago.

12:33 Waves with so much energy that they only occur once a year are battering the western coast of New Zealand.

12:31 Border security staff at Auckland International Airport have stopped a tourist trying to import live Siamese fighting fish.

11:54 There's speculation Andrew Little supports a referendum on decriminalising both recreational and medical marijuana.

11:53 Big businesses will be the focus of a new initiative by the government to tackle the growing cyber security threat.

Mon, 10 Sep 2012

UFO's seen in Northland skies

Suzanne Hansen, Network Director of UFONZ talked to RadioLIVE Drive about the increase of UFO sighting's - particularly in Northland and the Bay of Plenty. Hansen says that people are describing objects which are coming within 500m of observers - so it can't be Venus or mis-identified aircraft. 10 September 2012

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