17:41 Northland Rugby Union's Whangaruru rugby club and its gang affiliations will be investigated by Former Kiwi and Manly Rugby League coach Graham Lowe.

17:25 It's unclear when North & South journalist Mike White will have the opportunity to interview double murderer Scott Watson in jail.

17:16 Jason Ecclestone, guilty of raping a 52-yr old Thai sex worker in Blenheim, has been jailed indefinitely as he's a signficant risk to women.

17:12 Police investigating whether a fatal car crash in Southland today was caused by a tourist who didn't stop at a stop-sign. A 44-yr old man is dead.

17:07 Black Power and Mongrel Mob members who took to each other with bats, golf clubs, an axe and wood in Ashburton have appeared in court today.

Mon, 10 Sep 2012

UFO's seen in Northland skies

Suzanne Hansen, Network Director of UFONZ talked to RadioLIVE Drive about the increase of UFO sighting's - particularly in Northland and the Bay of Plenty. Hansen says that people are describing objects which are coming within 500m of observers - so it can't be Venus or mis-identified aircraft. 10 September 2012

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