06:03 On this international day of love, sweet gifts and roses, a new report claims our planet is running out of chocolate.

05:57 Former union boss Helen Kelly is pointing to Australian policy on medicinal cannabis as she battles to get legal access in NZ.

05:56 France have snatched a 10-9 win over Ireland in Paris - to reignite their Six Nations rugby campaign.

05:54 Police trying to ease fears of parents after alleged abduction of a 5-yr old girl in Palmerston North. Offender still at large.

05:30 US Sec of State John Kerry calling on Russia to change its choice of targets in Syria accusing Moscow of hitting legitimate opposition civilian groups

Mon, 10 Sep 2012

UFO's seen in Northland skies

Suzanne Hansen, Network Director of UFONZ talked to RadioLIVE Drive about the increase of UFO sighting's - particularly in Northland and the Bay of Plenty. Hansen says that people are describing objects which are coming within 500m of observers - so it can't be Venus or mis-identified aircraft. 10 September 2012

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