07:31 Workers at New Zealand Post's Christchurch call centre are furious in the face of mass job cuts. 77 positions will go when the centre closes

07:16 The govt's rubber-stamped rule changes allowing heavier vehicles to use the roads paving the way for 50 new double-decker buses for Auckland

07:16 Three armed robberies in Wellington - Porirua dairy, then pizza delivery driver on Riddiford St, then a hold-up at Clock Work Gold Bar, Tawa

07:01 PM John Key looks to be weakening in his resistance to increasing refugee numbers: "Can we take more? Well, yeah that's a possibility"

07:01 Fire fighters say a box of smoke alarms was found in the cupboard of a house - after a fire that killed a young child in Palmerston North

Fri, 07 Sep 2012

Tyson from The Block NZ

There has been an outpouring of support from across New Zealand for Rachel and Tyson who made no money in the auction of their house last night - RadioLIVE Drive spoked to Tyson for his take. Tyson said that the people of New Zealand have just blown them away - and he lets slip that he is a little star struck... 7 September 2012

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