08:00 Father of LA Tukerangi fears for his 15 year-old daughter's safety: "She's mixed up with a lot of bad people ... she's easily influenced"

07:20 Amnesty International issues its annual report into our leading of UN Security Council - says we failed to address the refugee crisis

07:20 WEATHER: AKL: Cloudy, late rain, Strong N, 18 - WGTN: Rain, Gale N, 14 - CHCH: Cloud clearing, Strong N, 18 - DUN: Rain, then showers, 12

07:15 Colorado movie gunman, James Holmes, could face death penalty - jurors have found aggravating factors counted for more than mitigating ones

05:20 The Prime Minister says Solid Energy is in a precarious position and an announcement on its future could be made within weeks

Mon, 17 May 2010

Tuhoe and their history in Te Urewera National Park

Mark Derby outlines the unique history of the Tuhoe amid their claim for Urewera land.

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