16:48 The quake-damaged Reading Cinema carpark in Wellington will be demolished. The Courtenay Central building is not safe for anyone to enter.

16:21 Bill English is poised to become Prime Minister, with Judith Collins and now Jonathan Coleman bowing out of the leadership race.

15:57 Bill English has dangled the possibility of tax cuts if he becomes the next PM. The Government's surplus is forecast to be healthy again by 2020.

15:56 Game over for Judith Collins, as she is forced to pull out of the Prime Ministerial race following a landslide of support for Bill English.

15:54 According to data released by Kiwi.com, Auckland is 79th out of 90 global destinations for the affordability of Christmas presents.

Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Tree Lobster NOT extinct!

An amazing rediscovery from Lord Howe Islands. Whopping weird creature thought to be extinct found precariously hanging onto life on one of the most perilous rocks imagineable

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