17:54 Voters in the Mt Albert byelection have just an hour left to cast their ballots. Counting will start at 7pm.

17:53 Fed up 2degrees customers are taking to social media to criticise days of technical problems

17:35 Civil Defence warns it's still not safe for the public to wander up for a look at the fire-ravaged Port Hills, still an active fire zone..

14:58 Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says Singapore is looking at using Ohakea Air Force Base as a training facility for its F15 fighter jets.

14:56 Wellington's SPCA is paying tribute to Margaret Doucas who's left millions of dollars to the organisation in her will.

Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Tree Lobster NOT extinct!

An amazing rediscovery from Lord Howe Islands. Whopping weird creature thought to be extinct found precariously hanging onto life on one of the most perilous rocks imagineable

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