Trade Me trinkets


Special auctions on Trade Me this week, as discussed between Jon MacDonald and Marcus Lush on Tuesday 31st July 2012. Listen here

The Implosion: Bidding is over $25k for the chance to press the big red button and watch the Radio Network building go kaboom. Over 400,000 views (#3 on the Most Viewed List).

6.2 tonnes of art: obsolete turbine shaft from a power station

Dog in snow experience: Bid to be buried in some snow in a simulated avalanche, then have trained snow dogs find you and pull you out. Same crew behind the Snow Cave experience.

Novelty bike hire business: Pretty fun business opportunity to own a quad-cycle offering along New Plymouth’s coastal walkway.

To the Olympics: “Black pack” of Bell tea, signed by the NZ equestrian team. A shirt signed by the 2012 Olympic Women’s Hockey team – that value no doubt went up a little after their win against Australia

Strong man  bar bell: Genuine piece of (very) old school weight lifting gear.

source: data archive