This PC stuff is destructive and ridiculous!


Email from Carol sent to Michael Laws. Received on 22nd June 2012.

Hi Michael

How refreshing to hear you saying it how it is! I agree with most -[sic] everything you dare to say.

This PC stuff is destructive and ridiculous!

How right you are - neuter those, both male and female, who torture and kill their children, in fact who simply are not fit parents. In fact we could widen the category to include unemployed, drug marinated, badly behaved males and females and this would undoubtedly improve society!

Unemployed: No work, no dole - do a day's work like the rest of us! I say, bring back compulsory military training and those who can't be bothered getting a job, are recruited immediately!!

Smacking: I -[sic] good smack around the legs is important at appropriate times - this helps in shaping a child's journey to adulthood.

All this whinge-ing about poverty - look here, I raised my 3 children from toddler/baby age group through to graduation - no such thing as financial input from fathers in those days and I lived on a budget! It was very difficult to maintain my values and have the courage of my convictions throughout those years but I did it! My kids got a smack around the legs if they did not behave when they had been warned. Therefore, they aways knew the boundaries. All of life has boundaries!! I was very interested in their education and ensured they never fell through the cracks and that they performed to their ability. I taught them how to recognise opportunities, be sensible and logical but still have fun/adventures.

I worked full time, I maintained an immaculate home and tidy garden, I grew most of our vegetables and cooked every meal that was put on the table - a cooked breakfast, lunches and home cooked meal at night-time. I strived day and night to keep up my own high standards. When the children were small I recall working through the night to keep up with stuff! I had virtually no help from anyone. I JUST GOT ON WITH IT! And my children had a well rounded upbringing which has equipped them with the skills they needed to achieve their goals/dreams.

I was constantly complimented on my lovely children and I could take them anywhere as they were growing up. They knew how to behave. They knew what was expected of them.

Guess what: 3 successful young adults now - all graduates, all well travelled, all strived to carve out good future -[sic] for themselves - one was shoulder-tapped to join an eletist -[sic] R&D team in Tokyo, one made a fortune in Real Estate/Finance in Sydney and the other finished her degree in the UK and now is in management for an international company. Incidentally, they have all been aware of fitness, one has been a body-builder and two have done a modelling portfolio.

Not bad is it, for children who were raised on a budget with an absentee father. All this took was for me to devote years to their upbringing and to realise my responsibilities. Plus they were lucky children that I am a even-tempered, patient person who has a clear head even in a crisis!

I don't even live in NZ any more - I relocated to Australia 10 years ago. When I return on holidays from time to time I listen to Radio - I am impressed with your Tallkback -[sic] and you can probably hear me agreeing with you!! I always look forward to talk back radio when I am over here.

Keep up the good work - people who are not into blind following are becoming a rare species.

Good Luck,


source: data archive