The Magnetism of Kindness


By Daniel Chidaic

 “It takes a simple-minded man to linger around those who are praised, yet a courageous man to pick up those who have fallen.”―Daniel Chidiac

Walking through Bourke Street Mall, the main street in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, I passed a distressed man sitting against a shop front. Near him lay a beanie, a cup, and a dirty backpack. Knees up and head bent, it seemed as if he had given up all hope. I put some coins in his cup, and continued on. On my way back I decided to sit down on a chair across from him. As I sat watching people walk past, deliberately staying clear and acting is if he were an alien, I couldn’t help but feel compassion. I walked over to him, knelt down, gave him $10 and said, “Do you mind if I have a chat with you, sir?” He looked up and said no. I sat right next to him in the same position as he was. It was an eye-opener to watch people walk past from down there. I then recognized that this man was disabled. His hands were deformed and he could hardly get the words out to speak. He mumbled that the government had shut down his hospital. He also had a volunteer who used to look after him, but they had also left. This gentleman was one of the nicest individuals I have ever met. He told that me that the previous day he had been spat on, kicked in the face, and called a retard.

What amazed me was his attitude toward life. He said he would help those people if they needed his help, regardless of what they did to him. He even thanked God that he was shown manners as a child. He prays to God every morning and says thank you for being alive. He said that he knows God will watch over him and provide. He hasn’t been let down yet and has taken his challenge as a way of life that he must deal with the best way he can. He understands that these people that ridicule him are only affecting themselves and battling their inner turmoil.

As we continued to chat I noticed he sat up and created more energy. I seemed to forget everyone else around while talking until something wonderful happened. It appeared that when I cared, others suddenly did as well. People began walking up and dropping money in his cup. Another man brought food and people were smiling in our direction. I told him to smile back, and he did. This one moment touched my heart and I will never forget it. Graham taught me the power of what one person can do. Sometimes it takes one person to stir up the “giving energy” and others will follow.

This man has had so many challenges in his life yet has such a positive outlook. He even loves the people that beat him, and has such strong faith. He assured me that he does not beg, but has faith God will provide. He said whenever he starts to complain he thinks of all the people that were kicked out of the hospital that were far worse off than him. He is compassionate towards the human race and said his dream is for equality. What a golden moment in life.

Excerpt from “Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO” by Daniel Chidiac. Being released early 2012.

Daniel Chidiac has dedicated his life to finding the answers to “why some people are living an extraordinary life, while others are never really fulfilled?” Through his journey he has modeled the most successful people known to man, traveled overseas to meet with leaders who have the strongest mindset on the planet, interacted with exceptional achievers and coached people from all the around the globe. For more words of wisdom from Daniel, please visit him on Facebook.


source: data archive