07:02 International investigators have criticised Ukraine for not closing down the airspace over the east of the country before MH17 was shot down

06:14 WEATHER: AKL: Early rain clears, SW change, 19 - WGTN: AM cloud, then fine, 15 - CHCH: Morning drizzle, then fine, 16 - DUN: Mainly fine, 16

06:10 The world's two biggest brewers have agreed to create a company making almost a third of the world's beer

05:40 Lou Vincent's credibility has been repeatedly attacked at the perjury trial of former New Zealand cricketing great Chris Cairns

04:28 A KiwiSaver expert wants more financial literacy taught in schools

Fri, 20 Apr 2012

The Lost Airmen Of Buchenwald

Trailer for the compelling story of airmen held at Buchenwald concentration camp featuring a remarkable Kiwi hero, Phil Lamason.

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