11:36 Scientists have discovered a planet which appears similar to Earth, circling the star closest to our sun.

11:35 The 10-hour long seige at the American University in Kabul is almost over.

11:34 A French national is due to be formally interviewed over the stabbing death of a British woman at a hostel in North Queensland.

11:33 Dairy farmers have been given a bit of a boost after Fonterra announced an increase in it's milk solid payout by 50 cents per kilo.

11:32 Air New Zealand's training of its staff has been criticised by the government agency which investigates crashes and other incidents.

Fri, 20 Apr 2012

The Lost Airmen Of Buchenwald

Trailer for the compelling story of airmen held at Buchenwald concentration camp featuring a remarkable Kiwi hero, Phil Lamason.

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