14:50 Hamilton and Tauranga house prices are up over 15% when compared with November last year, according to new QV figures.

14:47 Two frozen yoghurt companies, Yoghurt Story NZ and Frozen Yoghurt, are being prosecuted under the Fair Trading Act over false claims.

14:43 Medical students are welcoming changes to the interest-free student loan study limit, but there are concerns they do not go far enough.

14:40 Police have confirmed that all of those arrested over sexual allegations in Opotiki are either past or current students of Opotiki College.

13:46 Police have released the name of the man who died after a fuel tank exploded in Waikatohe was 60-year-old, Terence James Milne.

Tue, 15 Nov 2011

Taika Waititi directing The Inbetweeners US pilot

News which has escaped much of the Kiwi entertainment fold thus far: Taika Waititi is responsible for directing a US version of the hit UK television show The Inbetweeners. For those who have not seen The Inbetweeners (British version), the show follows the lives of four adolescent boys as they near the end of high-school. Together, they pathetically trawl their way through each day, making clumsy passes at woman - efforts that serve to highlight the ill-informed advice they give one another. Throughout their extreme fantasy-driven innuendo and klutz-induced slapstick, lies a basic message: That we are all young once. The Inbetweeners Movie opened in the UK in August breaking box office records; the biggest UK opening weekend for a comedy ever. And now Kiwi Taika Waititi is responsible for its transition to US screens. May success await!

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