Should Craig Platt be charged with assault?


Should Craig Platt, the skateboard judge shown shoving a kid off his skateboard, be charged with assault?

Initially only wanting to be identified as "Craig", Mr. Platt was a judge at a skateboard competition at the weekend. The competition appeared to turn nasty when he shoved a young skateboarder off his board - the incident was on video, the upload of which has subsequently been viewed around the world.

Mr. Platt says there was more to the incident than is shown in the video, although he admitted he was wrong to physically attack the boy during an interview on Campbell Live. He says a group of lads had been trying to sabotage the event and he just overreacted.

Leighton Dyer, the man shown defending the young skateboarder in the video, told Marcus Lush this was not the case.

Is there more to this than the thuggery we appear to see in the video?

source: data archive