Share in a Rolls-Royce Ghost experience with Andrew Patterson


Rolls-Royce have just opened their first and only showroom in New Zealand's history. Despite the brand being available to purchase and drive here for many years, prospective purchasers can now make a visit to Team McMillan's showroom in Newmarket. RadioLIVE's Andrew Patterson was offered a Rolls-Royce test drive, which he accepted with delight, although the real delight was still to come. Brand Manager Neil D'Arcy-Brain stopped by with the car for drive: A Rolls-Royce Ghost, charcoal in colour, with an immaculate white leather interior. Neil showed us some of the features before we set off on our 90 minute tour of Auckland. It wasn't long before we realised that, in the land of the Roller, there is no such thing as a "test drive". 3rd April 2012.

source: data archive