13:57 Brown and green packaging could become the norm for the country's cigarettes.

13:38 Nelson Police are looking for witnesses to a vicious attack carried out by as many as 10 people, on a man walking home alone.

13:33 Lindis Pass has now reopened

13:17 The owner of a Hastings Bar says the staff member who wrote an offensive message on a footpath Blackboard, won't be punished.

13:08 Crown Prosecutors say a 19 year old man - killed in his sleep - was the victim of a "jealous rage".

Wed, 29 Feb 2012

Sex abuser in schools an exceptional case - counsellor

SAFE Network CEO Jacquie Dillon tells RadioLIVE's Marcus Lush that a convicted sex offender who's been working in New Zealand schools for nearly 4 years will be an exceptional case. 29 February 2012.

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