07:51 Police in Minnesota are investigating reports of a threat against a dentist who killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion, sparking global outcry.

07:48 Russia has just blocked a move at the United Nations to establish a criminal tribunal over the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

07:47 Sara Weeks, sister of Paul Weeks (only Kiwi aboard MH370), "felt sick" when she heard wreckage had been discovered in the Indian Ocean.

07:47 "To be honest, I felt a little bit sick" - Sister of New Zealander on board missing MH370 reacts to news of wreckage found in Indian Ocean

07:23 John Stringer, former board member of the Conservative Party, isn't losing any sleep over Colin Craig's planned legal action against him.

Sun, 22 Jul 2012

River Cruises, Travel Show with Mike Hogan

Lee Johns "Travel Broker of Week" on Viking River Cruises, Airline Update, World's Top 5 Self Drive Holidays, 1 or possibly 2 new 5 star Hotels for Auckland and much more.

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