Purchasing a motorhome – what to look for, what’s right for you?

Customers should always consider what they would be comfortable driving. Motek’s two berth, or two person vehicles are 7m long and 2 metres wide, while their six berths are 7.2m long and 3.2 wide.

People also need to think about what creature comforts they are after. Motorhomes are essentially a home away from home so Motek recommends making a list of what you would like and what you actually need. i.e. built in shower? TV? Lots of storage?

Motek’s motorhomes vary in price depending on size, age, mileage and brand. A 2003 two berth Britz campervan starts at $14,500 while a 2010 four or six berth Platinum Maui motorhome costs around $129,500.

When you work out the cost of travelling and staying in a hotel it’s actually very economical to have your own motorhome. They pay for themselves in a matter of years and if you don’t like the view, you can always move on to a new destination!

You can check out the floor plans of our motorhomes and campervans, as well as read about the features and all the bells and whistles online at www.motekvehicles.com

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