11:32 Queensland Police are one step closer to locating the body of a New Zealand woman - presumed dead.

11:31 Several people are being questioned after a violent home invasion in Waikato.

11:31 Extensive flooding has forced the closure of schools and communities in the Waikato.

11:30 The final four flag designs have been revealed as the next step in a possible flag change - and one designer has two entries.

11:26 The creators of Whittaker's chocolate milk are releasing new flavours from tomorrow.

Tue, 11 Sep 2012

Prince Harry may be targetted

The Taleban have announced that it has set it's sight on Prince Harry whom has returned to Afghanistan as a pilot - we spoke to Ben Farmer, the Daily Telegraph's Afghanistan correspondent in Kabul. Mr Farmer told RadioLIVE Drive that the Taleban have said that their fighters are going to do all they can to target Prince Harry - a highly prized target of the Taleban. 11 September 2012

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