12:47 About twenty police officers are searching a landfill next to Hampton Downs racetrack in northern Waikato.

11:45 Some of New Zealand's top trade negotiators look to be UK bound - to work through Brexit deals.

11:32 Andrew Grigg of Cordy's Auction House says it's hugely disappointing the $140-THOUSAND sale of Sir Peter Snell's singlet, isn't going ahead

10:46 Funerals for victims of the deadly attack at Istanbul's international airport are already being held, as investigators pore over security footage

10:45 The sale of double Olympian, Sir Peter Snell's singlet, isn't going ahead after Te Papa raised questions about its authenticity.

Tue, 15 Jun 2010

Popular chef Rick Stein speaks with Graeme Hill

Graeme Hill's Weekend Variety Wireless. 13th June 2010.

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