Poltergeist at work in Aussie supermarket


By Marcus Lush

Yes, I can concur that from my reading of this morning's media it seems as though the reintroduction of the old give way rule has gone well. Not too many incidents reported at all.

An Israeli designer is in New Zealand at the moment with her fashion collection that features moss growing on clothe - I guess it would not matter too much if your cupboards are damp.

Latest geological research has shown that Kaikoura is at great risk of being decimated by a tsunami.

According to prescription figures, mental illness is on the rise in young people. Either that or doctors are more willing to hand out medication.

Surfers south of Perth are being warned of a five-metre white pointer lurking near the beach.

An Aussie supermarket owner came to the store and saw a number of packets had fallen off the shelves onto the floor. They went back and watched the CCTV footage and saw that a poltergeist was operating.

And it seems that Don Trumps sons' killing trip to Africa was illegal and charges might be laid.

source: data archive