14:44 Four Kiwi bikies en route to a Hells Angels funeral in Queensland were given the boot by Immigration before they set foot outside Brisbane airport.

14:43 Police are reassuring the Mangere community that they have increased their visibility in Mangere East after the massive brawl at KFC yesterday.

13:11 The debate over whether there will be an electric train link through the suburb of Mangere to Auckland Airport is coming to a head at a public meeting

13:11 An 18-year old man has appeared in court charged with the attempted armed burglary of a dairy in Christchurch.

13:08 Police say they have so far arrested four people, all teenagers, after the mass brawl at a South Auckland KFC yesterday.

Tue, 20 Sep 2011

Obama announces millionaire's tax

Marcus Lush speaks with Bernard Hickey about business and the economy, including Barack Obama's announcement of a new tax rate for people earning over $1 million. 20th September 2011.

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