Ngapuhi claim the wind: Is this the same as the water claims or one natural asset to far?


Ngaphui have formally lodged a claim at the Waitangi Tribunal for commercial use of the wind.

Spokesperson David Rankin says the tribe is making a pre-emptive move before any wind farms are set up in Northland.

He says the wind can be classified as a protected 'taonga' – or treasure – and Maori should have a say in how it is used in commercial power generation.

"Like fish in the 1980s, and water more recently, wind will become a property right and its commercial use will be a tradable commodity," says Mr Rankin.

He says non-commercial use of the wind will not be affected, and that any criticism of the claim is "flatulence".

Last week Mr Rankin said that Maori had claim to the wind under Article 2 of the Treaty of Waitangi.

"Everything is rolling on because of the privatisation of our power companies… When there's a commercial value placed on the wind, then we have to question who owns it.

"We can actually prove we've had a connection with wind since the beginning of time."

Do you think that this claim that has been made by Mr Rankin or has he gone one natural resource to far?

source: data archive