NZ's best Olympics, but how can we do more?


Should government funding for our athletes be increased off the back of NZ's 2012 Olympics performance?

New Zealand have capped off an impressive performance in the London Olympics, taking five gold medals and thirteen overall. The Kiwis finished 16th on the medal table.

The close of the games has brought about the discussion of funding for our athletes. As the UK government promises more funding for sport, our government says that money is not the only key for success and that sport is subject to the same funding procedures as anything else.

Speaking to Marcus Lush, acting Prime Minister Bill English said "The Australians have shown that money's not the only ingredient. It certainly helps, but you need the athletes who, as they've demonstrated this time, have the work ethic to do all the work that's required and have the competitive edge on the day."

How can we continue to ensure that, as Kiwis, we punch above our weight on the world stage?

source: data archive