16:48 The quake-damaged Reading Cinema carpark in Wellington will be demolished. The Courtenay Central building is not safe for anyone to enter.

16:21 Bill English is poised to become Prime Minister, with Judith Collins and now Jonathan Coleman bowing out of the leadership race.

15:57 Bill English has dangled the possibility of tax cuts if he becomes the next PM. The Government's surplus is forecast to be healthy again by 2020.

15:56 Game over for Judith Collins, as she is forced to pull out of the Prime Ministerial race following a landslide of support for Bill English.

15:54 According to data released by Kiwi.com, Auckland is 79th out of 90 global destinations for the affordability of Christmas presents.

Mon, 20 Feb 2012

Mitt Romney Loves Cars, Lakes, & Trees

Is this guy an alien. Listen to this weird speech. Do real people talk like this?

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