17:54 Voters in the Mt Albert byelection have just an hour left to cast their ballots. Counting will start at 7pm.

17:53 Fed up 2degrees customers are taking to social media to criticise days of technical problems

17:35 Civil Defence warns it's still not safe for the public to wander up for a look at the fire-ravaged Port Hills, still an active fire zone..

14:58 Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says Singapore is looking at using Ohakea Air Force Base as a training facility for its F15 fighter jets.

14:56 Wellington's SPCA is paying tribute to Margaret Doucas who's left millions of dollars to the organisation in her will.

Mon, 20 Feb 2012

Mitt Romney Loves Cars, Lakes, & Trees

Is this guy an alien. Listen to this weird speech. Do real people talk like this?

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