Leptinella dioica the plant of the week


By Tony Murrell

North Island

Prune Citrus trees now, you are best to cut back branches and create a nice oval shape to the tree especially if it is a standard or a bush. Don’t just trim the ends as the tree will sprout more branches and become unbalanced. Try to open up the middle of the tree as much as possible to let in the light. I like to spray the tree after pruning with “Seasol”.

South Island

Sow seeds, Broad beans straight into the soil and don’t forget Swiss chard and more lettuce. Prune your herbs back hard now too. Plant bulbs after easter, remember the soil needs to get down to 15 degrees so your bulbs give you the show.

Plant of the week

Leptinella dioica. Brilliant fern ground cover, spreads to 1 metre wide, great for weed suppression too. Coastal plant that will tolerate full sun or dappled light and happy to grow in damp spots. You can even lightly walk over the plant. Really lovely bronze colouring too.

Thing of the Week

Let your lawn growing problems be a thing of the past: Woolgro.co.nz.

Garden Design Tip of the week

So you want to create a relaxed feel to your home garden? plant using varieties with silvers, blues and mauve, like Erynguim planum, Blue sea holly with Salvia, blue hills and for some fiery passion use miniature red Dahilias, Berberis helmond pillar and Heuchera autumn leaves.

source: data archive