09:47 A police dog handler's been knocked unconsious during a violent assault in south Auckland. The officer was attacked just before 4am Bairds Rd, Otahuhu

09:47 Heavy rain in Northland has flooded two homes at Coopers Beach - with fire crews watching other at-risk properties.

09:46 Stormy weather is starting to cause chaos. Big winds have brought down powerlines north of Auckland, sparking a house fire.

21:35 South Island alpine roads could see up to 50cms of snow accumulate overnight.

21:27 Bad weather prevented rescue helicopter flying to scene of crash on SH1 north of Taupo that's left one man critically injured. The highway's closed fr

Tue, 25 Nov 2008

LUSH~Why isn't Wairoa, the 1990 Top Town champions, in the new TVNZ series?

Merv Goodley, Former Competitor and Coach for Wairoa in 1990

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