07:02 A large truck carrying gas cylinders is on fire near Nelson Airport - There are at least 50 units on board - evacuation zone in place

06:42 US presidential hopeful Donald Trump raises eyebrows by suggesting that arming teachers might reduce gun violence at American colleges

06:41 Serial litigant Graham McCready urging customers affected by a botched Harvey Norman sale to file a private prosecution against the company

06:40 At least 16 killed by violent storm on the French Riveria - 4 others missing - Up to 180 mms of rain fell in just three hours

06:38 Police investigate 2 overnight fatal crashes: a 44 year-old woman died in the Chch CBD and a 30 year-old near Mt Taranaki ski field carpark

Sun, 10 Nov 2013

Jesus healing anecdote & Bill Subritzky

Does Jesus heal or do some things just get better by themselves? Bill Subritzky thinks the former. You?

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