11:56 Police have used a search warrant to enter disgraced US Singer, Chris Brown's, house

11:11 Apple will appeal an order by the European Commission to pay 19-billion dollars in back-taxes to the Irish government.

11:10 One of Islamic State's longest serving and most prominent leaders has been killed in Syria.

11:05 Police have seized stashes of drugs and 900-thousand-dollars in cash after a series of raids north of Wellington.

11:04 New Zealand's seafood exports are now worth over one-point-seven-billion dollars to the economy

Sun, 16 Sep 2012

Hummers do have a use, Motoring with Eric Thompson

Young Drivers paying through the nose for tests, is this our latest ripoff, luxury car brands going for electric scooters, Tip of Week and more on the Oily Rag Motoring Show.

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