06:21 A business in China's about to unveil a smartphone you can bend all the way around your wrist. You wear the phone like a watch or bracelet.

06:06 A tyre blowout is believed to be blame, for a crane that rolled and tipped near the Gold Coast, severing the driver's ear.

05:12 Police are investigating after a tow truck with a van on its deck was found well ablaze on Mt Eden Rd in Auckland early this morning.

05:07 US Police bracing for protests at a Donald Trump rally today in California, after chaos at a New Mexico event for the presidential nominee.

05:05 Speculation has been mounting over the past few days that Apple is set to enter the electric car business.

Sun, 16 Sep 2012

Hummers do have a use, Motoring with Eric Thompson

Young Drivers paying through the nose for tests, is this our latest ripoff, luxury car brands going for electric scooters, Tip of Week and more on the Oily Rag Motoring Show.

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