10:38 The mother of a dead baby elephant seal is refusing to leave the pup's side on a Timaru beach. It's thought the baby died on Thursday.

10:38 The confirmed death toll from a mudslide that buried a Guatemalan community has risen to 253, with several hundred more unaccounted for.

10:35 The US is to stop its programme to build Syrian rebel units to fight IS and will focus on training and arming vetted, established leaders.

10:24 Police in Hamilton are still investigating an unexplained death after a body was found behind properties on Lake Crescent,near Hamilton Lake.

10:21 Health Ministry figures show the cancer death rate of Maori adults is more than one-and-a-half times higher than that of non-Maori adults.

Thu, 16 Aug 2012

High-tech teaching

Russell Burt, Principal at Point England School in Auckland joined RadioLIVE Drive to explain how all of his students aged over 8 are doing ALL their work on laptops. Mr Burt said that Point England School joined two Government projects together and got a better pickup with kids and better results faster. 16 August 2012

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