09:14 Valerie Adams is happy with her shot put victory at the Diamond League meet in Switzerland, 2 weeks after being pipped for Gold in Rio

09:09 The wild weather hammering Auckland is cutting power to various parts of the region.

05:21 Police are still responding to an incident where shots were fired and several cars hijacked in the Northland Region

05:09 An Auckland family suing a landlord for $50,000 after spending more than 3 years in a p-contaminated house have been awarded just $500.

04:38 Search crews will again attempt to recover the body of a Czech tourist from the Routeburn Track today

Fri, 11 Jan 2013

Heroin in Afghanistan

During his time in Afghanistan last year, Australian author Antony Loewenstein spent time with opium addicts on the outskirts of Kabul and he spoke of his experiences to Wallace Chapman on RadioLIVE. Loewenstein said that because the drug is so readily available and the situation in Afghanistan is so grim a lot of the locals and indeed soldiers from other countries are using drugs. 11 January 2012

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