11:06 Recovery crews are on their way to the site of the Fox Glacier chopper crash to try to retrieve the bodies of the remaining three victims.

10:51 Parents will soon be able to track their children flying unaccompanied with Air New Zealand as the company brings in a world-first wristband.

10:47 It'll be a race against time once recovery crews get to the Fox Glacier chopper wreckage, with the weather set to pack in again shortly.

09:51 33 year old Darren Bauke has been found guilty of hunting and killing a rare, protected black-billed gull in Southland and was fined $950.

09:49 French authorities say the men who have taken hostages in Roubaix in northern France appear to have no links to the Paris attacks.

Fri, 13 Jan 2012

Health risks from Internet Addiction on the rise

Marcus Lush speaks to Professor Doug Sellman, Director of the National Addiction Center at the University Of Otago, about the rise of Internet Addiction and the health risks associated with Internet Addiction. Jan 13th, 2012

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