Have you heard the 'Teapot tapes' yet?

John Banks and John Key - teapot tapes leaked online

Have you heard the 'Teapot tapes' since they were leaked online?

The controversial tapes arose after freelance cameraman Brad Ambrose left a recording device on the table of Prime Minister John Key and ACT MP John Banks. The pair were meeting as part of a signal to Epsom voters.

A furore erupted over the tapes in the weeks that led up to last year's general election, in a way that some feel took coverage away from policy and 'real issues of debate.

Today's initial leak appears to be in the form of a YouTube upload, under the username '2johns2cups'. The posting calls for listeners to "SEED THIS FILE"', an internet term akin to 'spread', so that "ITS ON THE INTERNET FOREVER" . It also makes use of a graphic appearing to be linked to the Occupy Aotearoa movement.

Broadcasting of the tape is still prohibited, due to the pending police investigation.

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