04:22 A roller coaster carriage at a theme park in Scotland has derailed and fallen on to a children's ride below. Early reports of 7 people dead.

04:20 The 7 kidnapped Macmahon mine workers in Nigeria have been released, although 5 are injured, 2 seriously. Group includes 1 New Zealander.

04:18 5 members of UK's Labour Party have resigned after a minister was sacked by leader Jeremy Corbyn. Deep divisions emerging within the party post Brexit

04:16 raqi forces have recaptured the last neighbourhood in the city of Fallujah held by Islamic State.

04:15 The Scottish Parliament is considering whether to block the result of the UK referendum, in order to remain in the EU.

Thu, 12 Apr 2012

Franko Heke: Travel, music and depression

NZ musician Franko Heke talks to guest host Hamish Coleman-Ross and guest Nutcracker Malcolm Falconer about his own experiences with depression through travelling and his music career.

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