05:44 Fire crews are at the scene of an ammonia leak at a seafood processing plant in the Auckland suburb of Henderson

05:44 More than 300 homes near Timaru and in the Mackenzie district remain without power due to high winds - the strongest: 126 k's in Moeraki

05:13 WEATHER: AKL: Mainly fine, SW eases, 17 - WGTN: Cloud clears, Strong NW, 14 - CHCH: Fine, SW dies, 15 - DUN: Showers clear, SW to NW, 17

04:53 Nearly $130,000 taxpayer dollars have been given to a Nelson wildlife trust to establish a new sanctuary

04:31 Former Black Cap Chris Cairns is going on trial in London today for allegedly committing perjury during his 2012 match-fixing libel case

Sun, 18 Mar 2012

Fire your own Uzi or AK47 assisted by "Gun Girls" in Vegas's new "Luxury Gun Lounge", Travel Show

Airline news including the stoush between aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Air Bus on the subsidy spat, Sydney scores new "Alexander the Great" exhibition.

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