Feijoa recipes galore


By Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson

Tony says:

It's autumn and the perfect time to renovate your lawn if you are not expecting snow this winter. Our resident and knowledgeable lawn expert joins us in studio for an hour all about the green stuff.

The Crocus in Otago are in full bloom and the colour contrast to the golden hue of sawing grasses and blue grey shist looks spectacular. It's bulb planting season: Whats on offer and have you never planted but always wanted to create your very own meadow of spring delight?

Gardening in the South Island: how very different is it establishing and managing a garden than in the north?

Highlights from my rennet trip on the Otago Rail trail.

That’s me, along with the usual suspects.

Helen says:

Things are getting yeasty in my kitchen: Hot cross buns made this week, as well as turning them into an Easter bun twist with icing.

Baking with yeast is lots of fun as well as being very cathartic. Brioche dough can be quickly converted into unhealthy but divine donuts, either cinnamon sprinkled or filled with jam and cream.

Are you a donut maker and if so what recipe do you usually make?

What treats are you planning for Easter – either chocolate or fruit based?

My feijoas are tumbling down and I am ready to start cooking some delicious feijoa treats, as well as making feijoa vodka.

What plans do you have for yours?

This feijoa loaf is always a hit.

Feel like making a very easy and divine relish? Try this caramelised onion relish recipe, with rosemary and brandy.

Looking forward to spending Saturday morning with you!

Tony and Helen

source: data archive