Ewen Macdonald's suppressed charges


Were the Scott Guy murder jury lacking in all the facts?

Ewen Macdonald's full list of other charges, some of which were suppressed throughout the murder trial, have been released.

Macdonald's three suppressed charges, which he has admitted and will be sentenced for next month, are:

Criminal damage: Slaughtering 19 calves belonging to Himatangi dairy farmer Paul Barber on the night of August 9, 2007. The calves had been struck on the head with an object.

Criminal damage: Emptying 16,000 litres of milk from a vat belonging to another Himatangi farmer, Graham Sexton, on the same night the calves were culled.

Arson: Burning down an historic Maori whare built in 1888 which was on Mr Sexton’s farm. Macdonald used an LPG bottle and boat fuel to start the fire. The whare was used as a family sleep out and a duck shooter’s shelter.

These are on top of the three we knew about already:

Theft: Driving to a nearby farm and shooting two trophy stags. He put them on his trailer and buried them in a pre-dug hole on the Guy family farm, where he was a manager.

Criminal damage: Burning down an old farm house on the back of removal trailers at the site of Scott and Kylee Guy’s new home. The house and trailers were destroyed.

Criminal damage: Vandalising Scott and Kylee Guy’s new home once construction had nearly finished.

Should the jury have known of all the charges?

source: data archive