13:44 The Government is to speed up the assessment and upgrade of buildings with unreinforced masonry

13:43 MP Maurice Williamson is under fire for allegedly making sexist comments while MC-ing an event at the weekend.

13:09 The man who designed the All Blacks' silver fern is offering to redesign the ferns featured on three of the proposed new national flags.

13:08 The Reserve Bank's going through its documentation to ensure it had permission to use a Maori Trust's pattern on the new $10-dollar note.

13:06 New Zealand's emmissions reduction target would be nearly quadrupled if the Greens were in government.

Wed, 07 Nov 2012

Eric Allen Bell. Islam in America

Eric has been in hiding for some time due to death threats. He explains why he did a 180 on Islam here on USA news.

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