08:27 A man has been killed in a car crash on SH10 in Northland this morning. He was a 26-year old from Oromahoe.

08:22 Waikato residents being warned to steer clear of Lake Rotoroa due to increased levels of harmful e.coli from ducks hiding in lake during duck hunting

08:21 National's social policy will be under the microscope, as Finance Minister Bill English delivers his eighth budget this afternoon.

07:55 Max Key is celebrating his 21st birthday this weekend - and Dad John Key says he's not that keen on him doing a yardie.

07:40 Winston Peters believes Helen Clark is the right person for the UN top job but says she has to be careful how she goes about it.

Sat, 28 Jul 2012

Environews. Takahe

Takahe were thought to be extinct for 50 years until rediscovered by Geoff “Doc” Orbell in 1948. DoC Takahe man Martin Genet describes the ongoing conservation effort and a daring radical new approach being adopted this year.

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