08:11 Hamilton police and rescue teams to resume search for a 7 year-old schoolboy missing overnight - William Thompson never got home from school

07:59 Oponents of the Trans Pacific trade deal are stepping up their criticism of the proposal as negotiators near agreement in Hawaii.

07:29 The father of Down Syndrome baby Leo is denying allegations he assaulted the woman who once oversaw his son's trust fund.

06:37 Remains of suitcase found on Reunion Island near debris that may be from #MH370 - pictures show the bag's rusted zip and and frayed netting

06:28 An ultra-Orthodox Jew is in custody in Israel after stabbing six people at a gay pride parade.

Sat, 18 Aug 2012

Environews. Michael Coote, Motorway Fernbird

In the middle of an Auckland suburban sprawl and right beside a busy motorway there lives a rare NZ bird. Hear the heartening story of the Fernbirds of Te Atatu with Fernbird coot, Michael Coote.

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