10:54 Sky TV shares are down 14 percent as the Commerce Commission rejects a merger with Vodafone.

10:54 The last of sixteen peace activits charged with various offences after protesting at a weapons conference, has had her charges dismissed.

10:34 The prospect of life beyond our planet has become more exciting ... with the discovery of seven new planets.

10:33 The historic Kingston Flyer train has been sold.

10:31 Fonterra has confirmed its forecast farmgate milk price payout of six dollars per kilogram of milk solids.

Thu, 24 Nov 2016

Duncan Garner in the chopper above Kaikoura before today's Drive special

Duncan Garner has just arrived in Kaikoura after flying in via helicopter and looking at the quake damage from above. Make sure you tune into the Kaikoura special today on RadioLIVE Drive from 2pm.

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