Ducks, cabbage and autumn in the garden


By Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson

Tony says:

So what do you do when the city lifestyle jars with your ultimate dream of easy living? We talk to a couple who made the move to forge a future of contentment and a less vigorous daily routine.

It's not science, but compost making has been challenging for many of us. The good news this weekend is that we have an expert from Tui Garden products to dispel compost making myths and to ensure you can make the good stuff.

Peter Cave produced some of the country's best plants and this week I caught up with a Blenheim grower who showed me around his enchanted garden of lost world plants.

See you bright and early on Saturday morning.

Helen says:

Just Cook is the message for NZers this coming week and Dietician Sarah Hanrahan joins us to talk about getting the cooking message into the homes of New Zealanders.

Sharon Greene is with us discussing sustainability within small countries, eg. our Pacific neighbours.

This week we celebrate the humble cabbage - whether it is red or green. Let's talk slaws and all the variations, sautéed cabbage, cabbage rolls and anything else that makes cabbage a bit more interesting!

Here is one of my favourite slaw recipes with beer battered fish.

And of course our red cabbage raw salad.

Ducks are being shot this weekend - what are your duck shooters packing to eat and how are you going to cook the returning ducks?

source: data archive