Does the Sky City convention centre deal worry you?


Should the government go ahead with its Sky City convention centre deal, despite an investigation from the auditor-general's office?

Sky City is offering to build and run the centre, provided the government changes the law to allow 500 more pokie machines in the casino.

The plans have been met with disdain by the opposition, along with suspicion from the public.

Labour says if the government goes ahead with the deal while the auditor-general's office is still investigating, they could face legal issues.

"Pushing ahead with this shady deal is unacceptable, it must be put on hold and the government must co-operate with the inquiry," said Labour's economic development spokesman David Cunliffe.

Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei also believes the public are owed a hold in the dealings during the inquiry.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and Prime Minister John Key, however, are confident negotiations can continue as normal.

How do you feel about this deal? Do we need a convention centre? Will it create more problem gamblers?

source: data archive