Did Hell Pizza's "sexual assault" Facebook post cross a line?


Has Hell Pizza's crossed a line for the selection of their "confessional" competition winner? Does the company look irresponsible for their post?

The pizza franchise has apologised after a confession, that appeared to detail sexual assault, won a weekly competition.

The winning entry involved a male confessing to putting his genitals in a sleeping man's mouth until he woke, a story which was posted on Hell Pizza's Facebook page on Wednesday evening.

View screen captures of the original post here

The post attracted a backlash online, causing the company to delete the post and issue the following apology: "Hey everyone, tonight we posted a fan's confession seeing it in the spirit of a prank between mates. Once we understood that offence had been taken and saw the bad light the post could be seen in we removed it, and we apologise to those offended. Lesson learned."

Complaints and criticisms have continued to flow today, with the company's Facebook page receiving numerous posts and suggestions.

Amidst the backlash, there have a been a number who have stood up for the post and this type of prank. "Yeah it was a bit inappropriate, but I wasn't offended and certainly wouldn't moan about it. If I got offended by everything I shouldn't have the internet," wrote 'P Funk Era'. While 'Amanda C-b' requested that complainers "Losen up and have a goddamn laugh."[sic].

Has the company, that prides itself on being evil, gone too evil this time?

source: data archive