Crab apple tree is my plant of the week


By Tony Murrell

North Island

Time to check on the general health of your lawn planted specimen trees. If you are so inclined to use a line trimmer (weed eater) the chances are that you could have inadvertently ring barked them.

If this is the case you but one choice as eventually the tree will die. Dig em out and next time place a protective collar around the base of the trunk. Use large grade drainage pipe with a cut up the length of it to fit around the tree trunk.

South Island

Very hard to generalise when it comes to gardening on the mainland as some parts are still very much under a duvet of snow, yet other parts of the land are getting a going over. We can all look up in guides and websites about seed sowing and ground preparation for the coming season, so I am not going to hark on about stuff you can sort yourselves. What I would like to chirp about is soil compaction and how very important it is to get some air into the ground.

Time to get out with your garden forks and lever back and aerate your lawns, wearing spike shoes and don’t stop till you’ve done the lot!

Plant of the week

The humble crab apple tree. You know that these beauties flower longer that ornamental cherries and can take a lot more wind. My choice is Malis florabunda but make sure you choice a variety suitable for your region.

Garden design tip of the week

I am over nailed down decks! Come summer on older decks the nail protrudes due to contraction and expansion of the wood. Shonky nail line ups look aesthetically naff.

Visually I reckon using a system that does not require nailing is by far superior. This is just one such system.

source: data archive