17:07 A measles outbreak is spreading across Waikato, with 15 cases now confirmed and another 12 under investigation.

17:07 A Danish tourist who mistakenly shot a Whio - a rare and endangered native duck - has been ordered to pay $10,000.

16:07 A fire in Christchurch's Port Hills is believed to have been started by fireworks. Almost 20 hectares of vegetation was destroyed.

15:57 Auckland police are hunting a prowler who has been taking photos and videos of people through the windows of their homes in Grey Lynn.

15:25 There is a state of emergency in Canada's Alberta province as a massive bushfire rages. 88,000 Fort McMurray residents have been evacuated.

Wed, 14 Mar 2012

Cost of renting in Auckland at record levels

interest.co.nz boss Bernard Hickey tells RadioLIVE's Marcus Lush that the cost of renting a 3 bedroom home in Auckland has increased by 55 dollars a week in the past month. 14 March 2012

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